I love to capture the emotions of people. I shoot weddings, portraits, model portfolios, and events. Look at my stuff and see what you like. You can contact me at For more info on pricing click here
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I am Torsten Bangerter. I got first camera in the summer of 2004 and have never let go of photography. I began taking pictures of pretty much every thing and just loved it. Soon after that I decided it was time to upgrade to a SLR. I was able to hone my skills a lot more with this awesome tool. Later I second shot a wedding with my friend and just got hooked. I took a B&W film class in college and now I am getting more into film. Film is such a great medium. The hands on process and getting into the chemicals is just great. I love capturing the pure emotions of people. Some of my favorite shoots are engagements and seniors.

Some Recent Testimonials
Rachel McCash “Working with Torsten Bangerter was so much fun! It was freezing cold but definitely worth it! I had a concept idea of what I was going for and showed him some pictures and he definitely met my expectations and more! I would work with him again for sure and would highly recommend his talents. I especially liked how he gave suggestions and told me when something was working well and looked good. That always helps keep the creativity and energy high despite the freezing temperatures we were working in. I also like the “funky” lens he used that I had not seen before with other photographers I’ve worked with. That creative choice made a great addition to my portfolio and I’m excited to see his career progress as time goes on. I’m definitely a fan for life!”
Heather D- “Torsten is a great photographer, and so fun to work with. He makes the shoot so relaxed and enjoyable. He is professional, and so nice- the guy made me hot chocolate while we were shooting in the snow! One of my favorite shoots.”

Julie- Torsten is SO much fun to work with! He’s very easy going and relaxed. Knows how to get the right look every time. I feel very comfortable shooting with Torsten. This guy is LEGIT!! :)

Jazmine- Torsten is such a sweet, easy going photographer and friend. He was willing to get to know me as a person and was so much fun to work with! We got some amazing pictures and I am honored to be his avatar on model mayhem. I would definitely refer any model to Torsten and would feel safe knowing that they are in good hands.

Jennifer Hale, “I’m so glad we had the opportunity to work together, Torsten! Your personality created a great and comfortable atmosphere to work in. Thanks!”
Mogan L, “I had so much fun working with you, you are very talented”
Cio Hunt, “Hey Torsten! It was great seeing and working with you again. It’s always a pleasure.”

Christina Winn, “Had a Great shoot with Torsten this week! He has a great eye for lighting and doesn’t do anything that is not his best. He is not only fun to work with but a great person to be around. If you ever get the chance to work with him, do it~”

Haley Nord “Working with Torsten was great! The shots turned out good, and we had a fun time getting them. I would definitely recommend working with him.”

Britany Chamberlain “Torsten is a fantastic photographer! He was so easy and comfortable to work with, and I’ve never had a photographer get finished photos back to me as fast as he did. He is good at giving direction and knows how to get a great shot.”

Amber M “My shoot with Torsten was one of the smoothest, most laid back shoots I’ve ever had. There was absolutely zero pressure to do anything I wasn’t comfortable with and he was very kind throughout the process (before, during, and after the shoot). The photos were incredible. He really knows what he’s doing with light and angles. He will make suggestions to you that will help your photos stand out really well, and there is a wealth of knowledge on his site. I’m glad I got the opportunity to work with Torsten, and I would be super excited to be able to work with him again in the future. Definitely a photographer you don’t want to miss having in your portfolio!”
DeeDee Rec Torsten is honestly awesome!!! He has awesome energy and this amazing personality. He was very professional, I learned alot from the way he controlled the shoot! I was really impressed with his creativity. I felt completely relax , and very confident with him!! I loved our shoot and had alot of fun, I look forward to working with him in the future.

Fell free to ask me any questions.
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